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Who are the major players in the augmented reality market?

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The companies that are major players in the augmented reality market are:


It is a technology company known for its hardware products, such as the iPhone and iPad. The company is also making significant investments in AR technologies with the launch of the ARKit platform in 2017. The Apple Glasses are one of the releases of its AR glasses.

In the AR market, Apple’s strengths are in hardware integration. The company has tight control over the hardware and software ecosystems.


A technology company is known for its search engine as well as its Android mobile operating system. The company also invested in AR technologies with the ARCore platform in 2017 and its Google Glass product, released in 2013 but now discontinued.

In the AR market, one of Google’s strengths is its expertise in computer vision and machine learning. The company invested heavily in such areas as developing AR technologies to accurately track and overlay digital content onto the physical world.


A social media company is known for its platform as well as its acquisition of other technology companies, such as Oculus VR, for developing virtual reality (VR) products. With the launch of the Spark AR platform in 2017, Facebook is investing heavily in AR technologies.

In the AR market, one of Facebook’s strengths is its large user base and social media platform. The company is integrating its social media platform to provide a significant market for AR developers and advertisers to reach a large audience.


HoloLens is one of the best-known AR devices for actively developing and investing in AR technology, such as a mixed reality platform called Windows Mixed Reality.

Magic Leap

The company gained attention for its AR technology when it developed the Magic Leap One, an AR headset that blends digital content with the real world.

Snap Inc.

The parent company of Snapchat actively uses AR technology for developing AR filters and lenses for their social media platform and working on wearable AR devices called Spectacles.


The company is involved in AR through its PlayStation VR system and also explores AR applications for mobile devices.


The company is known for developing the popular AR game Pokémon Go. The company continued developing AR technology by releasing games such as Harry Potter: Wizards Unite and Ingress.

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