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What is the future of Augment reality and virtual reality?

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The two rapidly evolving technologies are Augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) with the immense potential to revolutionize many industries. AR and VR are in the evolving stage in the current state.

In many industries, AR is being used such as healthcare, retail, and entertainment. Such as in healthcare, AR is used in assisting surgeons during operations and helping patients for understanding their conditions.

Many reports and the successful involvement of the companies adopting AR and VR technology, show the rapidly evolving stage of AR/VR technology. In healthcare industries, AR is used as an assistant surgeon during operations for helping patients to understand the ongoing trauma or the conditions they are suffering through.

In retail industries, AR is used for customers for interactive experiences such as virtual try-on for clothing and makeup. In the entertainment industry, immersive experiences are created by using AR such as games and movies.

Whereas VR is mainly used in entertainment and gaming industries with VR headsets being more affordable and accessible and companies like Oculus and HTC release a variety of standalone VR headsets. The huge immersive experience led to a wider audience acceptance of VR technology.

However, there are several challenges of AR and VR technology such as the high cost of development and implementation. High-quality creation of AR and VR experiences with huge investment in hardware, software, and talent. The two things mentioned above do create a significant obstacle for smaller companies or even startups.

Other challenges are lack of standards and interoperability makes it difficult for developers to create experiences to work across multiple devices and platforms. User acceptance is also another issue for AR and VR to gain popularity in certain industries and is not widely adopted by consumers. Issues like data privacy and security are always a lingering cause among the users to enjoy and accept it freely without facing any future complications.

Despite the challenges, the benefits and potentiality of AR/VR technology cannot be overshadowed. It has shown its massive progressive usage in not just one industry but surpasses the boundary of limitless. The future is bright but also in many useful ways to revolutionize industries in an exciting way.

Source: Statista

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