What do we know about Baumer/Bourdon Process Instrumentation?

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Baumer-Bourdon process instrumentation is a world leader in brands for mechanical process instrumentation. The company is founded by Eugene Bourdon. Baumer Bourdon-Haenni S.A.S in Vendome in France, Baumer Electric AG in Kirchberg in Switzerland, Bourdon-Haenni GmbH in Stokach in southern Germany and Baumer Technologies in India are centers of competence for Bourdon & Baumer PI business.

In 1952, Herbert Baumer added its value to grow the company into a global high-tech company.

Baumer Technologies have a state-of-art manufacturing facility in Vapi, Gujrat. It is located in Mumbai, India.

The precision machine is placed with COBOT operating CNC’s and other latest equipment. The manufacturing range includes Pressure Gauges, Temperature Gauges, ATEX-certified RTD, TC’s Mechanical level, switches, valve manifolds, and accessories.

Since 1989, Baumer Technologies India Pvt. Ltd is in the process instrumentation business.

The Baumer Group is headquarters in Frauenfeld, Switzerland. They got a good reputation in high-class quality sensor products for applications in factory and process automation.

The solution offered by the company are-

  • Digitizationsmart factory-sensors.
  • Food and Beverage
  • Feeder technology
  • Metal and steel
  • Mobile Automation
  • Packaging industry
  • Railway industry
  • Robotics-End of Arm tooling
  • Pharmaceutical industry

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