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Who are the top 3 countries leading in Industry 4.0?

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So, where do you find the best quality Industry 4.0 technologies from and how can we invest in such technologies.

Top 3 countries in Industry 4.0.

As per a survey by Bitkom, the results shows that USA, Japan and Germany are the top 3 countries leading in Industry 4.0 technologies. The survey result shows that 26% for the USA, 25% for Japan and 22% for Germany are considered to be the leaders in Industry 4.0 sectors.

So do you want to invest in Industry 4.0? Where do you think you want the resources to be from? All the three countries mentioned are from three different continents with major price difference as per the availability of the labour charges. Now, dollars and Euros seems to be one of the superior currency around the world, the charges and cost somehow shows also that how the products and technologies can be brought at the best price by considering the cost reduction or cost saving.

Source: – Industrie 4.0 in Deutschland.

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