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Which country is more interested in “internet of cars”?

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The race in the autonomous market is well known. The role played by the internet of things is daily increase the attention of the well-known major established automotive players.

And also the countries from both corners of the world. So, how the world will look like with communicating cars with each other. The major decision making the use of the vast amount of data. For analyzing any kind of communication pattern.

However, there needs to be a stronger influencer for the market to grow at such a high rate. To create a need for such automotive vehicles.

China has been seen as a rising power. Or a backend power for the digitization of the automotive sector as compared to the USA or Europe.

The studies show that Chinese corporations are highly involved in renewing the digitalized world. The automotive companies at such a high speed.

Different business models are used for entering the market. And create an influencing change in the automotive world. The young companies are equally involved in the world of internet companies.

To work in a dynamic environment. Around 60% of the car buyers in China agreed to a car. With access to apps, data, and media as compared to only 20% of the car buyers in Germany.

The internet of cars models works much faster in China than in any of the European countries. But situations like pandemic can create a severe economic crisis resulting in slowing down the trends.

The vehicles are embedded with digital communication infrastructure for better communication between vehicles such as,

Car and driver (on the driver’s smartphone),
Car and car,
Car and intelligent transport infrastructure,
Car and internet,
Car and mobile network,
Car and satellites (satellite navigation),
Car and online services for car-related services.

In my opinion, the pandemic scenario is definitely going to change the current scenario of industry 4.0. Not just in China but financially also in Europe or the rest of the world.

However, is it going to slow down the latest trends? And the product cycle to be launched in the market? Is it something we need to be sure that we are in the market on the correct timeline?

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