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How is digitalization disrupting the other manufacturing process?

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The area of digitalization in the manufacturing process involves the collaboration from artificial intelligence, the internet of things, industrial robots, and even another industrialized process. The impact of digitalization or industry 4.0 is not limited to engineering products but also business operations.

The major three areas of the impact seen by the digitalization are:-

Design and manufacturing: The efficiency in design can be seen due to the rapid growth of augmented and virtual reality technology and even with additive manufacturing technology. The unconnected products found their worth via the Sensors and wearables for new business and revenue models. The assembly lines or the process are also more efficient with machine learning and robotics on a real-time basis.

Supply chain: The evolution of industry 4.0 is prominent in the traditional supply chain due to the connected, smart and agile system. Digital technologies with their advanced technologies were able to create an integrated and transparent ecosystem. It includes autonomous logistics and smart procurement and warehousing.

Customer experience: The important need of using the data analytics information from surveys, intelligent products and services leads to a better understanding of the customers to enhance more personalized selling of your new products. Even cross-selling or improving the marketing strategies. The experience leads to efficient post-selling marketing features or even product advertisements. Targetting the right audience for your advanced products.

The key technologies transformed with industry 4.0 are Additive manufacturing, Artificial intelligence, and Robotics, Cloud computing, Big Data and Analytics, the Internet of things, Virtual and Augment Reality, Cybersecurity.

Source:- Statista (In-depth Industry 4.0)

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