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How digitization and IoT driving system became intelligent?

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Networking and IoT are getting used increasingly which led to new possibilities to emerge in terms of increasing productivity, reliability, and cost reduction. The operating conditions can be monitored with equipped sensors in the driving systems where the digital signals can be processed locally or in a decentralized manner in the cloud.

Malfunctions can be detected early by using algorithms that are working on the drive system manufacturers. The detection of damage can help to increase the reliability where the optimized maintenance is offered on time.

Optimization of operating modes can also be achieved where collaboration between manufacturers and operators can be close enough to lead over an entire product life cycle. Operators and manufacturers can be provided with new business models.

Modern electrical drive technology is not yet fully developed and in the part of the history the innovative technologies, materials are very well digitalized which are used for implementing the requirement for productivity and reliability.

The implementation is also done for environmental and climate protection. Innovation boosts are also led by new applications and users which can be established for industrial applications.

Source:- Elektronik Praxis

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