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Do you think the Internet of things is challenging?

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As per a survey report by Bitkom, in 2018, which technology, the company is interested to work, the Internet of things scored 39%. However, the technology is defined as challenging with difficulties surrounding the usage of sensors on the Internet of Things. 

The major issues identified for the Internet of Things are: – 

  1. The main requirement for Internet of Things is the availability of the internet every time and everywhere. At any cost, IoT devices need the internet at any location. 
  2. Overloading of Internet servers with voluminous information of data through million sensors, deployed at various places in the environment for different applications. 
  3. Protecting the illegal sensor development network from malware attack, data tampering, spoofing, service denial where applications are used with stringent security mechanisms to avoid the high chance of information leakage in the wrong hands or for any bad consequences. 
  4. Every new technology comes with a hurdle of cost. The smart Internet of Things based system is with the high cost and becomes a hurdle to reach every corner of the society. The cost includes maintenance of smart system, deployment, or even the unpredictable return on investments. 
  5. As the Wireless sensor networks are known to be portable, battery charging and recharging are seen to be a problem where a constant supply of energy is needed for the IoT to function in a self-sustained way. 
  6. The tolerance of fault in IoT is also needed especially in harsh and hostile conditions and environment. The chance of sensor error or malfunctioning is a problem with debugging in connected systems. The higher tolerance rate is in IoT devices,it is enough to handle it capably. 

In my opinion, the issues are something that needs to be work out and especially for high tolerance and battery recharging. How far are we in the scenario of challenging issues?

The criticism is no doubt well thought and has been put forward in a precise manner, but do we need advanced solutions for devices or handling and managing the advanced scenario. The presence of the internet is very important In our day-to-day life and being connected also helps out to ease out any hurdle or adverse situations.

It is possible to develop a battery concept that can provide a longer lifetime and a large power grid may help in solving the solution. The concept of using more amount of clean and renewable energy sources provides the opportunity to increase the bandwidth for a battery to operate. 

Source:- Challenges in the Area of IoT by Manish Kumar Saini, Akanksha Ahharwal, and Sunita Saini.

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