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How ERP software helps IoT?

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ERP systems play a major role in Industry 4.0 by connecting the network world with smart objects and the shop floor with cyber-physical systems. ERP system is known as the integration hub for digitalization and networking.

The filtering and classification of the data by the ERP system lead to serve it as a data hub. The data interpretation by the system provides the ability for status and forecastability.

The important trends that need to be mature in the ERP systems are:-

  1. Artificial Intelligence
  2. SaaS & Cloud Computing
  3. Business Process Mining
  4. Platform Economy
  5. Data & Information security
  6. No-code & low-code platform
  7. Blockchain & Distributed Ledger Technology

In a nutshell, Corona has influenced digitalization in a major way. ERP systems can be implemented with paper-based processes. The systems are designed within the company to communicate with multiple systems such as CRM or CAD systems. During the pandemic process, as the work style got changed, a centralized hub with different systems connected to it made it a suitable mode to work along the system process.

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