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How Ethernet was introduced in the process industries?

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The most important diagnostic information with EtherNet/IP was easily transferred wherever it was needed such as DCS (Distributed Control System), where testing by an operator was possible with maintenance measure or predictive maintenance to an edge device analysis.

The HART devices and NAMURNE-107 process diagnostics were integrated into a common industrial protocol suite and are a continuation of ODVA’s efforts to adapt EtherNet/IP in its comprehensive needs for the process industry. Field devices for profiles are planned as per the future needs to simplify device integration and the configuration for the comprehensive device methods.

In an industry-wide effort, ODVA is involved to promote the Ethernet introduction in the process industries, for example, through collaboration with FieldComm Group and PROFIBUS, and PROFINET International.

The promotion of the adoption of an advanced physical layer is mainly the intention where Ethernet APL is known as to make upcoming improvements of IEEE 802.3 possible by the Ethernet standard for a long-range such as single-pair Ethernet, in use of hazardous areas.

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