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Why Gandhi Automation Pvt. Ltd.?

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Gandhi Automation Pvt. Ltd was established in 1996 and got a name for itself in manufacturing as well as exporting, distributing, and installing Entrance Automation Systems and Loading Bay Equipment with problem free and easy to operate.

It is headquartered in Mumbai. The revenue generated is $79 million.

“We committed to total customer satisfaction through our quality products & services achieved with customer focus, involvement of our employees, and continual improvement in all areas.”

The products of the company are:-

High-Speed Doors

Prime Clean Reset (Air Tight Self Repairing)

  • Clean room high-speed doors are designed for internal applications and protect the internal environment against draughts, humidity, dust, and dirt.
  • Traffic flow is improved by operating speed and superior sealing properties and provides the required environmental control for saving energy costs.
  • Doors are operating on the concept of low air permeability in pressurized rooms with positive and negative air pressure.

Prime Reset

  • Heavy duty automatic flexible door featuring the special and innovative self-repairing system. The curtains get dislodged accidentally and can be recovered with a simple opening and closing operation.
  • Self-extinguishing polyester full-size flexible curtain with no horizontal strengthening parts with slides that are inside the side hinges.

Prime Food

  • It is designed to meet the stringent specification of hygiene required for food industry applications with smart, heavy, and water protection.
  • It is easy to clean, disinfect and prevent dirt from collecting to maintain hygiene.

High-Speed Emergency Exit door

  • Heavy duty automatic self-repairing flexible door featuring evacuation/exit passage within door during an emergency.
  • Provided with vision windows to view the other end while evacuating.

The remaining products are-

Prime Cold Reset (Self-repairing door for positive temperature), Prime Freezer (Deep Freezer Door to provide a perfect solution for temperature control), Prime Freezer Push Pull (Push Pull technology, Light Bottom, Freezer room High-Speed Door), Prime Freezer Duo ( Double Curtain Door for low Temperature), Prime Machine (Safeguarding Man and Machine), Prime Conveyor (Specially designed to work in combination with the conveyor system for continuous operation), Prime Twin (Bi-parting, High speed horizontally moving door), etc.

Radium lip Dock levelers to aid in adjusting the height of the bay area as per the vehicle. The lip helps to bridge the gap between the facility and the vehicle. A forklift or pallet truck is enabled for driving through on and off the vehicle with the material.

Dock Leveler with Forklift Roll-off barrier lip to protect the closed overhead doors from damage impact and prevent the accidental forklift roll-off when the overhead door is open and no trailer is stationed at the dock.

Ergosafe Lip Dock Leveler offers superior ergonomics with the hinged lip for maintaining a horizontal position.

Telescopic Lip Dock Levelers with a moveable telescopic lip to provide a larger contact area between vehicle bed and dock leveler.

The other products are TRIO Telescopic Lip Dock Levelers, Edge-of Dock Levelers, Vertical storing Radius Lip Dock Levelers, Vertical Storing Telescopic lip Dock levelers, etc.

The logistic solutions offered by Gandhi Automation are by providing Dock Levelers, Dock Shelters, Sectional Overhead Doors, and Dock houses. The Dock levelers are manufactured as per the European Standard EN 1398. Advanced Robotic welding technology is used to create a precision-based engineered product.

Safe and quick unloading of goods is allowed from Dock Levelers from the vehicles to minimize the used energy for greater savings on heating & chilling costs. An optimum seal is provided by dock Shelters between the internal and external environments to assist in reducing energy consumption.

The loading bay is closed by sectional overhead doors or with insulated rolling shutters to be utilized alternatively. The Dock houses are fabricated with complete self-contained loading bays that can be directly installed on the building to maximize the usable space within the building.

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