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What is the history of RFID systems?

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In the 1960s, the development of RFID began but the technology faced hardship due to the high chip prices and facing difficulty in achieving any economic success.

RFID stands for Radio Frequency Identification which is a basic technology for Industry 4.0 and applications related to IoT. RFID is encountered consciously or unconsciously several times a day.

In recent years, the fundamentals have been changed where investment is pouring heavily in RFID technology resulting in driving the development into the future. The development resulted in a reduction of prices for RFID transponders and a further reduction in price is expected in the future.

Thereby, more and more frequently, RFID technology is being used for both objects, animals, and people even. It means recognition of radio and is used for generating measured values by wireless transmission of sensors.

An RFID system consists of:

  • RFID transponder with at least one active or passive tags (signs, labels)
  • And an RIFD reader.

The transponder is derived from an artificial word that consists of a transmitter and responds.

Technical data can be read and stored in an RFID system without contact and visual contact.

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