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In which sector and how Industry 4.0 is viewed in technological domain?

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The craze of Industry 4.0 is huge and is spreading like wildfire across the horizon but is it capable enough to touch every sector of the different technological domains.

What kind of growth opportunities does Industry 4.0 hold till 2025? Is it going to cover all the sectors or only be limited to the industrial machinery sector?

The following dilemma has been surveyed in selected sectors through Industry 4.0 using gross value added. The geographical area selected is Germany and the expected amount is 52 billion Euros by 2025.

Growth opportunities in Technology in 2025
Source:- Bitkom, Fraunhofer IAO

In the next survey, the opinions of respondents have been recorded for Industry 4.0.

Survey results on technology in Industry 4.0
Source:- VDE

In my opinion, Industry 4.0 playing a role in growth in the agricultural and forestry sector shows a positive implementation of new advanced technology and not just being limited in ICT or machinery sector.

Even though the gross value is quite low as compared to other sectors, the progressiveness shows a potentiality to be dominant in different sectors also. The opinion also stated that Industry 4.0 is in the positive limelight with 39% and 18.1.% for well-positioned and pioneered positions.

What do you think about it? Is Industry 4.0 expandable in the same way in other countries also?

Source:- Statista

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