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How important cloud storage is for CPS?

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In CPS (Cyber-Physical Systems), cloud storage plays an important role by integrating systems that combine physical and cyber elements for providing advanced functionality and automation.

Sensors, actuators, and other hardware are frequently used in CPS, producing a large volume of data that needs to be saved and analyzed instantly. Real-time analysis and decision-making are made possible by the centralized platform that cloud storage offers for storing and managing this data.

Without the need for costly on-premise storage solutions, cloud storage enables CPS systems to manage enormous volumes of data. Service providers provide a range of price and storage choices, allowing CPS systems to quickly scale up or down in response to customer requirements.

CPS data can now be safely sent over the internet and kept in one place where it can be accessed from any location with an internet connection thanks to cloud storage. As a result, operational effectiveness and productivity are increased through real-time data analysis and decision-making.

To safeguard data from unauthorized access, cloud storage service providers often utilize cutting-edge encryption technology. They also enforce stringent access control measures to guarantee that data is only available to authorized users.

And finally providing greater data analytics and insights such as valuable insights about operational efficiency, customer behavior, and other key business metrics.

Source: Cloudacademy

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