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How the industrial evolution is impacting the manufacturing system?

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As with all goods being in demand by the customers. There is one thing to do with automating the manufacturing system to meet the demand. Is there any impact of the industrial evolution on the manufacturing system?

Once it proved its value among the customer. And maintain the quantity with quality. The supply is important in a proper. And the smarter way to satisfy the growing demand among the clients. And the customers.

As the customers and the era is evolving with more smart development towards the energy usage. So does the industrial evolution over the time period till 2030.

Industry 1.0, the first ever mechanical production was in 1784. The end of 18th Century. The first assembly line, i.e., the Cincinnati meat-packing industries was in 1870.

Termed as Mass production, beginning of 20th Century. Industry 3.0 was termed as the Application of IT. Introduction of the first programmable logic control (PLC) system by Modicon 084 in 1969.

From 2010 to 2030, was the introduction of Industry 4.0. The Cyber-physical systems (CPS) and 2030 onwards. Industry 5.0, the complete digital ecosystem.

The key features in Industry 1.0 were the mechanical production powered by water and steam power. In Industry 2.0, Introduction of assembly lines.

And the use of electrical energy, Introduction of telegraphy in 1840. And telephony in 1880, Ford used ‘Taylorism’ to implement the car assembly line.

Industry 3.0, electronics, IT and industrial robotics was used to improve the production of automation. In 1971, the first micro-computer was used. In 1976, Apple was founded.

Industry 4.0 came with the key features. Digital supply chain, Digital products, services, and new business models. And Autonomous machines and virtual environments.

In Industry 5.0, the virtual customer interface. And virtualized processes were introduced with flexibility. Virtual and integrated value chain networks. And completely connected ecosystems.

In my opinion, the evolution of industrial process over the time period. Is in synch with the change happening around the world. However, the evolution of the PLC program in the start of 1970s.

A major revolutionizing change with the invention of different types of protocols. For communication between the machines.

Or as an interface between machines and humans. The major development with the PLCs is definitely improving how the machines interact with each other.

Source:- Deloitte, PwC.

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