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What opinion Japanese hold for the industrial robot industry?

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Japan, is pioneered in engineering work. Let it be it in solving laborious tasks or in the burdensome task. But what about the Japanese people? What do you think their public opinion is about the Industrial robot industry?

Do they think Industrial robots will become a competitive element in the future rather than a personal aid? Are they worried about the job prospects?

Do Japanese people think that robots will be performing human labor in the next 50 years in Japan? The survey conducted in 2018, shows more than 50% of Japanese people agreed about the future scenario.

Survey on industrial robots doing human labor in next 50 years.

What opinion does Japanese males or female have for Industries AI or robots working in different sectors? Are they more reliable than humans?

Male opinions on AI or industrial robots.
Female opinions on AI or industrial robots.

Even though industries are dominated by male genders. But female opinions in the above survey show interest and concern with new technologies.

The females are up to date about the latest AI trends. The concerns about labor jobs replaced by industries AI or robots.

Another important aspect among the Japanese, is the economy to be more efficient with robots than humans.

Opinion of the efficient economy by industrial robots more than human.

Even the concerns in a job search are rising high among the Japanese. More than 70% agree on the difficulties in finding a better job due to the robots.

But are these concerns even valid? In the end, whatever, products or services are promoted, it is for the consumers. But if the consumers don’t have financial stability due to lack of Jobs leading to no money in their pockets. Who will purchase the products or the services?

The use of industrial robots to replace human labor. But if the condition is not the economical condition is not balanced among the society people.

How the consumer-buyer purchase model will flourish further? Don’t you think it is also an issue for the industrialist to think about the products to also be sold rather just have a lean or faster supply chain?

Source:- Statista ( Robotics industry in Japan)

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