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What Industry 4.0 goals need to be used in digital technologies 2017?

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A survey conducted in 2017 by Statista, shows the goals being incorporated by many industrial ventures in digital technologies. Ideally, if you are not following the trend then there is a chance of being perished but, with new trends, visionary goals need to be set with a pre-defined mindset to better your opportunities.

Company goals to pursue investments in digital technologies

In my opinion, the idea behind Industry 4.0 is to revolutionize the digital technologies industry completely for better opportunities, but we cannot underestimate the competition and the greedy attitude to be the top in that field.

So, with goals being set, it provides a route map that what the industry is trying to achieve and is just seen as a floating cloud chasing the ideology of Industry 4.0. It’s fun to say we also have Industry 4.0 but without any proper foundation, it is just an end game.

Source:- EY; Statista (Welche Ziele verfolgt Ihr Unternehmen mit den Investitionen in digitale Technologien?)

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