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Who are the top Industry 4.0 startups in Israel?     

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The road to mass customization of your product is the answer by Industry 4.0. As per Deloitte, “within the next five to 10 years, additive manufacturing will become a leading source of differentiation and innovation for physical products.”

The spread of 5G networks is accelerating the growth of Industry 4.0 for boosting the product and speeding up the process. As per Amit Dror, cofounder and CEO of Nano Dimension “Customers today want to get things fast and they want them customized.”

Even though a huge number of revolutionary growth is happening in the industrial world. Industry 4.0 impacted the industrial ecosystem in powerful leading many start-up hubs, incubators, and accelerators to come forward with innovative ideas.

As per Gary Coleman, Global Industry and Senior Client Advisor, Deloitte Consulting, “The fourth industrial revolution are still in its nascent state. But with the swift pace of change and disruption to business and society, the time to join in is now.”

Israel got 218 startups in industry 4.0. The Israel industry 4.0 is comprised of 90 investors (eg. OurCrowd, 83North, and Autodesk), 27 are foreign companies, 23 R&D centers, and 11 hubs by large global companies. They got 8 accelerators and incubators and over $100 million in government support programs.

However, as per the Start-up Nation Central report, “strength in industry 4.0 may be surprising” due to its lack of a strong manufacturing sector.  

The following sectors being covered by the Israeli Industry 4.0 startups:-

  1. 25.2% in Artificial Intelligence
  2. 22.5% in Industrial IoT or IoT platform
  3. 16.1% in Cybersecurity
  4. 2.3% in AR/VR
  5. 5.5% in Sensors
  6. 6% in Energy
  7. 11% in Additive Manufacturing
  8. 11.5% in Robotics & Automation

 The Industry 4.0 Israel market is expected to grow more than 20% each year from 2020-2025. The startup outreach its market growth in Industry 4.0 are:-

  • mPrest partnered with Microsoft to drive the energy market revolution. mPrest is majorly focused on optimizing software for industrial IoT, renewable energy, smart cities, homeland security, and defense utilizing machine learning and artificial intelligence. Microsoft is offering an integrated, distributed grid-edge management solution on Microsoft Azure.
  • CyberX was acquired by Microsoft. It’s a cybersecurity start-up. It focuses on detecting, stopping, and predicting cybersecurity breaches on IoT networks. The company is founded with $165million USD.
  • RazorLabs is an AI startup focused on digitization and automation. It went public also.
  • Seebo is a startup in predictive quality and yield software solutions. The startup raised $24 million USD in Series B funding.
  • 3D Signals is a startup company that provides plug & play factory digitalization solutions. It raised $22 million USD in seed funding.
  • Claroty is a Cyber startup. It got its funding of $93 million from Temasek Siemens, Envision Ventures, Tefken Ventures, Team8, Bessemer Venture Partners, Innovation Endeavors, ICV, and Mitsui.
  • Mine is a cyber startup. It got funding of $12 million from Gradient Ventures, e-ventures, MassMutual ventures, Battery ventures, and Saban ventures.
  • Pecan is an AI startup. It got its funding of $15 million from Dell Technologies Capital, S-Capital.
  • RUN:AI: The name says it all. It got its funding of $43 million from Insight Partners, TLV Partners, and S-Capital.
  • Wiliot: A startup in the IoT sector. It got its $70 million from Pepsice vintage, Maersk Growth, NTT, DOCOMO, AWS, Samsung ventures Investment, Avery Dennison, Norwest Venture Partners, 83North, Grove Ventures, M Ventures, and Qualcomm Ventures.
  • Ramon.Space: It was founded by Prof. Ran Ginosar, Tuvia Liran, and Dov Alon in computing systems for the space industry. The company got its funding of $17.5 million from StageOne Ventures, Deep Insight, WorldQuant Ventures, UMC Capital, and Grove Ventures.
  • ActiveFence: The startup is in cybersecurity. The founders are Noam Schwartz, Iftach Orr, Alon Porat, and Eyal Dykan. The technology protects billion of users on online platforms from misinformation, child abuse, hate speech, fraud, and other harmful online content.
  • Deci: It is working in the AI sector, founded by Dr. Yonatan Geifman, Prof. Ran El-Yaniv, and Jonathan Elial. The company got $30 million from Insight Partners, Vintage Investment Partners, Fort Ross Ventures, Samsung Next, Square Peg, Emerge, and Jube Ventures. The goal is to make AI times faster such as in AVs, to shorten the time needed to identify road signs.
  • Weka: It is in the AI sector that provides a data storage system. It enables fast accessing and retrieval of data to enable the operation of many applications. It got funding of $140 million from Hitachi Ventures, Gemini Israel Ventures, Cisco, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, NVIDIA, Norwest Venture Partners, Qualcomm Ventures, MoreTech Ventures, Ibex Investors, Western Digital, and Seagate.
  • AiVF: It is working in fertility treatments and uses AI to improve vitro fertilization. The company got its funding of $35 million from investors including Prof.Dan Ariely and Adam Neumann.
  • Silverfort: It is in cybersecurity with a funding of $100 million from Aspect Ventures, Citi Ventures, Maor Investments, TLV Partners, StageOne Ventures, Singtel Innov8, Greenfield Partners, and Vintage Investment Partners. It caters to the protection of customers’ existing infrastructure.
  • SQream: It is in the AI sector. It got funding of $77 million from Mangrove Capital Partners, Schusterman Family Investments, World Trade Ventures, Sistema. vc, Hanaco Venture Capital, Silvertech Ventures, Blumberg Capital, Alibaba Group, and Glory Ventures.
  • Guardio: It is a cybersecurity startup. It got funding of $47 million from Tiger Global Management, Emerge, Vintage Investment Partners, Cerca Partners, Union Partners, and Samsung Next.
  • Cymulate: It is a cyber security-based startup. It got its funding from $71 million from  Susquehanna Growth Equity, Vertex Ventures, Vertes Growth, and Dell Technologies Capital.
  • Upstream Security: It is a cyber security-based startup. It got its funding of $105 million from MSI Ventures, La Maison Partners, 57- Stars LLC,  IDI EM Partners, Glilot Capital, Salesforce Ventures, Volvo Group, and Nationwide Building Society.
  • Datagen: It is in Artificial Intelligence. It got funding of $70 million from Scale Venture Partners, TLV Partners, Viola Ventures, Viola Growth, and Spider Capital.
  • Hunters: It is in Cybersecurity. It got funding of $118 million from Stripes, DTCP, Cisco Investments, YL Ventures, Bessemer Venture Partners, Blumberg Capital, Microsoft M12, U.S. Venture Partners, and Snowflake Ventures.

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