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What is the vision of Industry 4.0?

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The vision of Industry 4.0 is autonomous action and machines. A system with self-optimizing. An autonomous machine from wisdom to react. The ability of the smart autonomous machines to forecast for production. The autonomous machine with agility, flexibility, and true innovation with transformation capability.

The things important for Industry 4.0 to happen are connection to gather, sensing, monitoring of the big and right data and convert them to information for machines and networks to processes.

The need for data processing for intelligence and understanding of the data. The need for the information for knowledge, patterns, and transparency in AI, cognitive analytics, and analysis.

If the following processing of data is continued, then the predictive capability will be successful. The knowledge and wisdom required for forecasting will be successful. It helps in the preparedness and preparation of the data for AI and cognitive maintenance, innovation, and better service.

The journey of the industry 4.0 in smart factories or smart manufacturing industry units leads to the gain in value opportunity at each stage and hence the overall value is higher through the journey of the industry 4.0 in the smart factories or smart manufacturing industries.

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