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Can IoT provide support in any Pandemic conditions?

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The companies need to develop more resilience towards the various impacts created by the pandemic condition or crisis generate during or after such an effect. The Iot devices shows much impact to handle any pandemic conditions.

The digitization of the company or further advanced companies can support the employees to optimize their units so that they can operate remotely without any obstacles or hurdles.

The main problem is handling any crisis and a complete shutdown scenario often leads to a problem in handling the situations with such employees. 

One of the U.S. IT providers, Cognizant Technology Solutions came up with different measures to make the industry resilient and increase the smooth operation: –

  1. Sensors and devices with more IoT’s are implemented: — Data generator are the most important things in today’s era, any device or component with the help of sensors and through the Internet of things can provide a remotely controlled and monitoring process for transparency in the production process. The fact of data from organizations can benefit by integrating it into different business and engineering systems and leading to analyze any sorts of predicted failures. 
  2. Blockchain in the expansion of the production networks: — The supplier networks will be more efficient and secure, as well as the supply chain of the companies can be expanded more easily so that greater diversity can be achieved and improvement in the material procurement choices increasing resilience. 
  3. Creating a virtual workplace as a recovery solution: — The digitalization provided the base for virtual workplace creation where the data is brought from different systems with real-time views of business and processes that can be created at any location and hence enables the partners to identify the trends. It supports the selection of raw material’s usage, inventories, and personnel to make the decision effective and stops the abrupt caused due to any virus. 
  4. 5G standard used in remote video surveillance:— Video enhancement and hence the analysis of the ongoing operation is made easier. The faster the network, the easier and faster the transmission of data is possible via a 5G network with high capacity and latency at a low level in the mobile network. 

In my opinion, the solutions are quite apt with the modern age technology, IoT devices and the solutions being offered and provided by the IT centers for the production or the manufacturing unit or house.

The solutions offered can be optimized in everyday situations and circumstances. The question is how far are you intend to go to fight back any pandemic situations or conditions? Is it possible to get a 100% solution with the help of such advanced technology or can be used as a backup solution?

Source:- Industry of things

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