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What was the market of IoT back in 2020?

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The market for Industry 4.0 across the world is a billion-dollar venture. But what about its supporting accessories such as IoT devices, RADAR, M2M, or even RFID- Transponders.

The market volume in terms of sales for M2M is forecasted to be 242 US billion dollars.

The other accessories for IoT are equally important.

The sales of IoT across the world can be seen increasing steadily.

Sales of IoT across the world

In the next graph, the global sales for IoT in different sectors such as smart M2M, smart electronics, smart mobility, smart health, and smart utilities.

Global sales of IoT in different sectors

The maximum global sales turnover can be seen in smart M2M and smart electronics.

Over the years, the global turnover for RFID transponders is increasing. Even though the global turnover is not so high, and it is small over the years.

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Source:- Industry 4.0 in Deutschland

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