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Who are the top IoT start-ups in India?

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What do we know about IoT? As stated in International Telecommunication Union, 2012 “Global infrastructure for the information society, enabling advanced services by interconnecting (physical and virtual) things based on existing and evolving interoperable information and communication technologies.”

As per Stock and Seliger, 2016, “This networking of products through the IoT makes it possible to connect the entire manufacturing process converting factories with differentiated values streams, into smart environments.

IoT means connecting physical objects with sensors to any devices or systems with the processing ability or any software or technologies over the internet or via other communicating devices.

A quote by Brendan O’Brien “If you think that the internet has changed your life, think again. The internet of things is about to change it all over again”

Even though IoT is related to a technicality, scientific notions, and creative imagination to use the IoT purposefully also turns into a beautiful gifted technical tool to use.

As per Geoff Mulgan, “As the internet of things advances, the very notion of a clear dividing line between reality and virtual reality becomes blurred, sometimes in a creative way.”

As you can see, IoT is one of the powerful applications in the future that need to be exploited in many ways. The controlling of your household to your office door from your smartphone at a faster rate improves the quality of your lifestyle.

The IoT investment market in India is worth reaching US$9.28 billion by 2025. The analysis done by Frost & Sullivan shows that the growth and adoption of IoT in India is a massive movement with improved connectivity. The Indian policies promoting the 5G or 6G internet connectivity support the immense growth in the IoT field.

The sectors benefiting from the growth rate in IoT are industrial automation, building automation, security, and surveillance. And also, a bigger opportunity for the Telcos to grow with revenue share, strategic partnerships, and hardware providers. As per Apalak Ghosh, associate director, Information & Communications Technologies, Frost & Sullivan.

The top 5 IoT start-ups in India are: –

  • Stellapps– The company is located in Bangalore and was founded in 2011. The founders are Ranjith Mukundan and Venkatesh Seshasayee. The company is an end-to-end dairy solution in dairy products. A comprehensive farm optimization is produced and procured by the start-up. They also support monitoring to maximize profits for the dairy farmers with minimal effort. The concept was able to raise funds from Blume Ventures, Flipkart, and Venture Highway. The world’s largest community milking parlor was set up by the start-up.
  • Zenatrix– The company is located in Delhi and was founded in 2013. The founders are Amarjeet Singh, Rahul Bhalla, and Vishal Bansal. The company uses advanced ML models, to provide awesome energy savings support for high commercial consumers in electricity. With the products such as Wattman and Wattman Lite, 30% of the electricity consumption can be reduced.
  • Smartron– The company is located in Hyderabad and was founded in 2014. The founders are Mahesh Lingareddy, Narsi Reddy Posham, and Rohit Rathi. The company product is known as TronX, an intelligent connected platform to offer high-level customized services, experiences, and care through internet-connected smart devices. The service includes conversing and controlling the normal home gadgets such as TV, AV, fridge, doors, or windows with gestures, touch, and voice. They are also involved in bikes known as tbikes.
  • Carsense– The company is located in Mumbai and was founded in 2015. The founders are Rohan Vadgaonkar, Pushkar Limaye, Urmil Shah, and Prathamesh Joshi. It offers car diagnostic solutions. They are also planning to provide security services such as GPS, accelerometer, gyroscope, and Bluetooth. The easy-to-use software app ensures that the electronic systems inside the car are in working order. It can be plugged into the OBD Port.

  • AerX Labs– The company is located in Bengaluru and was founded in 2015. The founders are Sumit Rishi, Kartavya Mohan Gupta, and Priyank Sharma. The sector is focused on avionics modernisation. They are focused on professional-grade certified simulators for airlines, flight schools, universities, and corporates. The future services are the assessment of the risk behavior in pilot training.

Well, it provides a closer look into the various segments that can be programmed by IoT devices. The start-ups present a unique way of providing their support in the present working field. It also optimises your work as well as allows you to enjoy the luxury sector without any compromise.

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