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Is IoT revolutionizing the Transportation sector?

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The role of IoT is somehow complicated in terms of usage in various sectors. The technology and the devices are attracted in the various sector to modernize and make the sector smart. However, the main implementation productively can be seen in the transportation sector. No doubt, it is seen as a smart vision for an autonomous vehicle.

The technology provides various operative functions such as blind-spot detection, adaptive cruise control, assistance in parallel and rear parking, monitoring the driving system, recognizing the traffic sign, assistance in night view system, avoiding collision system, and various other functionality.

A full-fledged autonomous vehicle is a gift of IoT devices. In the future, the user can be seen for flying taxis or flying 3-wheelers. The IoT device can also be used in achieving a smart and self-navigated flying car. The sensor technology using in identifying and assist in lane departure can provide a direction for the smart route while the vehicle is flying.

The worldwide turnover for various sectors by the Internet of things has been forecasted in Smart M2M, Smart electronics, Smart Mobility, Smart Health, and Smart Utilities. The challenges observed in smart transportation are, however, somewhat complicated to revolutionize the sector.

The analysis of a huge amount of data, accurate sensor output to guarantee zero misdirection or security. The challenges are quite common for flying taxis or I should say, proposes a greater risk with being easily targeted. The awareness about high-tech vehicles also needs to be done on a large scale in the consumer market.

Source:- Challenges in the area of IoT by Manish Kumar Saini, Akansha Aggarwal, and Sunita Saini.

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