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What is the story of Jendamark India?

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It is a collaboration between a South-African company Jendamark Automation with Pune-based Techcellency Engineering in 2014, forming Jendamark India.

The company caters services as a direct supplier to Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) in the automotive industry.

At Jendamark, a one-stop automation solution is provided to the automotive industry. The company provides after-sales support also.

The following services by Jendamark India,


Engine lines, Axle lines, different lines, transmission lines. They provide customized solutions as per our customers’ needs. They also offer a range of manual, semi-automated, and fully automated solutions.


They are specialized in tooling and jigs, assembly fixtures, and custom parts for any flying parts needed by the aerospace industry to ensure safe and reliable products made in in-house fabrication and machine shop.

Catalytic converter

Adaptive canning became a watchword in the automotive industry as OEMs require increasing complex catalytic converters to apply to the emission control regulations in different markets. It developed a range of flexible, automated assembly solutions to support customers to keep pace with the changing demands.

Electric vehicle

It is driven by a global movement toward cleaner and greener energy, automotive manufacturers are expanding their electric vehicle (EV) offerings. Jendamark supports OEM customers in their quest for climate-friendly technologies by developing innovative battery packs and power electronics assembly systems.

Digital Service

Odin Manufacturing, a product of Jendamark, is a range of 4IR digital technologies designed to improve production efficiencies for the global manufacturing sector.

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