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Is the maturity level of Industry 4.0 important?

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The term is much more than the networking of machines and products. It has been predicted to be the future of the manufacturing industry.

Since the 1990s, lean production has been fascinated by various industry and manufacturing unite where promises to end waste has been called as lean production and the fluctuation capacity has been minimized.

In 2011, Industry 4.0 has been coined, the two concepts regardless of whether they are mutually exclusive or complementary, one thing is common among them and it is a success that cannot be led by blind actions.

An understanding and willingness that is substantial and is sustained need to be transformed where both the ideas can be enjoyed.

This can be measured by using the Industry 4.0 Maturity Index from Acatech which is the German Academy of Engineering Sciences helps you to determine which manufacturing companies are enabled to know the maturity level of Industry 4.0.

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