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How Mercedes-Benz is improving its electric plant?

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The all-electric automobile sector is booming hugely. So do, the main resources needed to improve the electric plant.

The new power-generated battery plant is established in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. The new electric vehicle plant is equipped with a variety of industry 4.0 technologies.

The new battery plants are associated with the ecosystem, high energy-efficient building with CO2-neutral production. The sustainability approach is high in demand. The electric vehicle relying on their batteries is also turning the game of dependencies on other battery plants.

The collaboration often reduced the stress level and share the cost of expenditure. However, having your battery plant reduces the burden of any late delivery or any negotiation problem. The concern is only with the rising demand for Cobalt. One of the rare metals used in the EV battery.

Around 4 to 30 kgs of cobalt are needed per battery. More than 70% is resourced from DRC (Democratic Republic of Congo). However, the country is struck by poverty and is heavily dependent on cobalt mines for their livelihood.

Source:- Mercedes-Benz USA

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