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Why Merlin Automation solutions?

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“Exceed the expectations of Customers with simple, innovative, and cost-effective solutions within expected ROI.”

Merlin Automation solutions were co-founded by Fareed Mohmed and Saranya Subramanian. It is headquartered in Tamil Nadu.

The company deploys technological solutions to customers in Robotics, conveyors, Special Purpose Machines, Storage solutions & line Automations areas.

The complete process includes requirement collection, concept, engineering & design, System Build, Integration & Testing, Installation & Commissioning, and after-sales support.

The services provided by the company are Turnkey solutions, connected future, line automation, robotic solutions, SPM solutions, Smart conveyors, warehouse solutions, Truck Loading/Unloading solutions, Custom Solutions, and In-house manufacturing.

Merlin Automation

Robotics Solutions

Merlin provides customized solutions using leading technologies in palletizing and depalletizing segment. Robots can be used to precisely Palletize and Depalletize various products and profiles based on the requirement.

Line Automation

Merlin partners with customers in building their lines for both brown field and Green field projects.

Conveyor Solutions

Customers are helped by Merlin in moving products, cases, pallets, or custom profiles from one location to another location without any human interference.

Smart Conveyors play the role of veins in an efficient production facility. It is responsible for keeping an overall system lean and organized. The machines are coupled with the right conveyors to boost productivity and eliminate the losses due to manual material handling.

Examples are Modular Belt Conveyors, chain conveyors, Accumulation conveyors, Roller Conveyors, Overhead conveyors, Spiral, Bu-direction conveyors, etc.

Special Purpose Machines

The uniqueness is its process and constraints with custom-oriented machines meeting the targets.

Warehouse Solutions

The inventory and distribution of the goods are processes and tasks as per the Warehouse operations a complex one. Several solutions with various technologies are to be deployed in a warehouse to speed up the activities with accuracy and fewer mistakes.

Truck Conveyor Solutions

It automates the loading task and unloading of a truck with either bins or Pallets without the manual labor needed. The conveyor truck can be a fixed or removable one. It can also be tailor-made as per the customer’s need.

In Pallet Type solutions, a container is installed with single/multiple conveyors to match the size and payload of the pallet transported. The loading and unloading process is sped up by the system designed to eliminate the need for manual labor. Pallet facilities with barcodes can track the movement of the cargo between facilities and also for unloading and moving the cargo to the correct locations within the facilities by additional conveyors. It can carry up to 30 tones capacity with up to 7 meters/minute loading and unloading speed.

In Bin Type solutions, the container is installed with multiple accumulation conveyors to match the size and payload of transported bins. It is designed to speed up the loading and unloading process by eliminating the need for manual labor. Barcode-based bins are used to help the facilities track the movement of the bins and also for unloading or moving the bines to correct locations within the facility with additional conveyors.

Check out the videos of an event held @Mumbai, Automation Expo 2022,

Precision Robots

Merlin can deliver hybrid Robotic cells meeting the accuracy requirements of a CNC machine and retaining the flexibility of a Robotic system by integrating best in class CNC controllers with Robots to meet the unique requirements of Aerospace manufacturing. 

They supports Drilling, CSK and Riveting. 

Palletizing Robot

Merlin provides customized solutions using leading technologies in palletizing and depalletizing segment. Robots can be used to precisely Palletize and Depalletize various products and profiles based on requirement. 

Palletizing solutions offers box, bags and custom shape Palletizing and Depalletizing. 

Other applications are pick & place ( vision based, bin, Multi object or moving from conveyor), Joining application (Spotw elding, Arc welding, Tig welding, Clinching, Riveting, Drilling & Countersinking), Machine Tending ( Stamping, Trimming, CNC, Injection Moulding, Grinding and Punching) and Robots/ Cobots effectively used in packaging ( Robotic care erector, labelling, items pick and place inside case, sealing and barcode scanning).

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