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What are network slices?

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The communication network with 5G helps the speed and data throughput. Due to latency drops in 5G provide support to the companies and private customers. However, network slices mean the availability of many virtual networks in the same physical network simultaneously for a variety of applications.

The method enabled network operators to set up thousands of virtual network slices for a specific category rather than loading the network with one application to work.

The specific characteristics of the single slice can be specified by the network operator such as speed, latency, reliability, and security.

Another advantage of the slice’s capability is to create itself immediately and also update quickly. The use of such network slices can be seen in an emergency where the network operator provided a network slice for emergency or rescue services.

It helps in avoiding the overloading of the network.

Another example is sports fields such as Cricket or the Olympic ground. The slices can be distributed among the fans for posting selfies and videos. Another slice for security reasons. The next one is for TV broadcasting. The network slices satisfy each group with their individual purposes along with different data traffic with bandwidth.

Another important situation is also handled beautifully by the network slices with the cloud server option. The winning shots or the sixes. When all the fans are uploading the video clips at the same moment then the data traffic of the mobile TV cameras are handled via local edge servers and the slice uses the cloud servers.

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