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What are Nokia Bell Labs up to?

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American industrial research and scientific development company, known as Nokia Bell Labs is located in Murray Hill, New Jersey in the US. In the current scenario, the company generated $26.47 million in sales.

The Nokia Bell Labs are very much into the 6G benefits and ready the commercialize the network by 2030. In 2025, the standardization phase is expected to start. 6G is also expected to define public and private networks from 2025.

The Nokia company to achieve its target is leading the Hera-X, European Commission’s 6G initiatives for the next generation wireless mobile network research.

The main six potential innovations, Nokia Bell Labs is focused on are:-

  1. Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning: The research division is expecting AI/ML to become a key component in 6G for appropriate interaction between endpoints.
  2. Spectrum Bands: The 6G spectrum blocks are expected to be of high capacity for multi-antenna technology in the mid bands of 7 to 20GHz for urban outdoor cells. The maximum coverage is provided by the lower bands for data transmission over sub-terahertz frequency to boost the data rates over 100Gbps at a closer range.
  3. Network detection: The 6G networks also help in detecting the environment to collect signals reflected from the objects. The signal shows the object type and shape. The relative position, speed, and material properties. Hence involved in creating a digital world for a physical world.
  4. Extreme connectivity: In a 6G network, due to latency time being less than one millisecond, the reliability of the network is increased via simultaneous transmission, multiple wireless hops, device-to-device connections, and artificial intelligence or machine learning. The connectivity improves real-time video communication, holographic applications, and digital twins.
  5. Cognitive, automated, and specialized architecture: The network automation and agility is led by the 6G network with the new network. The service orchestration solution is realized at the lowest operational cost for service orchestration service that is combined with full cloud-native principles with advancements in AI/ML.
  6. Security and Trust: In the 6G network, the delivery services are expected on a zero-trust infrastructure.

However, the benefits of 6G are definitely beyond any level but the privacy issues for the new opportunities need to be considered hugely.

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