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How Japanese perceive Society 5.0?

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The main goal of Society 5.0  is the collection of data from the real world to process it by computer and apply the results back in the real world. The main objective of Society 5.0 is a super-smart society with a high-level convergence of cyberspace and physical space.

The focus of Society 5.0 addressed by the Japan Government is the balance of economic development with social issues resolution. It is based on a human-centered society.

Japanese considers data to be widely used among the society and also promote public discussion. As per the Japanese government,  the main aim of Society 5.0 is to enjoy the benefit of all.

As the Japanese government literature says about Society 5.0, “ through the high degree of merging between cyberspace and physical space, will be able to balance economic advancement with the resolution of social problems by providing goods and services that granularly address manifold latent needs regardless of locale, age, sex, or language.”

Society 5.0 is also known as a data-driven society. A society where the data gathered by IoT are converted into information and knowledge to drive the society in the real-world frame.

As the picture of Society 5.0 is clear, the fundamentals are human connectivity and focusing on each individual. The growth and maximizing the efficiency for each individual.

A survey conducted by NISTEP shows the reasons for Japanese people to feel anxious about Society 5.0 even though the focus is more on improving the human world situation.

Reasons from male Japanese to feel anxious about Society 5.0
Japanese female opinion on Society 5.0

So what do you think about the reasons to be concerned about society 5.0?

Source:- Statista (Robotics industry in Japan).

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