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What are the standards for IP-based communication in industry?

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Currently, the standards have been developed for end-to-end compatibility of devices, cables, and connectors are ensured as per the IEEE (International Electrical and Electronics Engineers) standard. ( IP-based communication standards). The various SPE applications (100 Base-T1, 1000 Base-T1) as per IEEE 802.3 i.e. Ethernet have been worked on, and in various project groups, it is adopted.

10Base-T1 application i.e. IEEE 802.3cg is in progress and adopted in September 2019. As per the current status of “IEEE P802.3cg/D2.2, the Draft Standard for Ethernet Amendment is the Physical Layer Specifications and Management Parameters for 10 Mb/s operations and Associated Power Delivery over a Single Balance Pair of Conductors”.

The emphasis is mainly defined on connection technologies (MDI) as per IEC 63171-1 and 61076-3-125, which can be used.

The connection techniques can, therefore, build up a cabling structure and since then the MDI is described only for connection technology on the active component. PROFINET User Organization e.V. are some user organization and also ODVA (Open DeviceNet Vendors Association) can be defined with current standardization.

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