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What technical solutions are in practice for SPE?

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In advance to technical solutions, two consortia appeared in practice. SPE, industrial Partner Network is, on one hand, the founding members of Harting, TE Connectivity, Hirose, Würth Elektronik, Leoni, Murrelektronik, and Softing IT Networks which are included in the further 9 partners announced shortly.

The second consortia are “SPE Technology Cluster” consists of Phoenix Contact, Weidmüller, Reichle & De Massari, Telegärtner, Belden, Rosenberger, and Fluke Networks.

In favor of the T1 Industrial interface, the SPE Partner Network is following IEC 63171-6 as a uniform Media Depended on Interface (MDI), defined by ISO/IEC, JTC1/SC, or 25/WG3 and TIA42 in 2018. The entire future SPE ecosystem was established reliably as per the standards for protocols transmission, cabling, and device components.

The mating faces of IEC 63171-2, supported by the SPE technology cluster, and IEC 63171-5 is the standardized unit from Phoenix Contact. IP20 and IP65/67 are defined in the mating faces in single and four pair data transmission via SPE i.e. Single Pair Ethernet aims in ensuring devices, connectors, cables, and measurement technology as a coordinated infrastructure.

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