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What are the main focuses for Industry 4.0?

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A Deloitte report, where 2000 C-level executives were surveyed on Industry 4.0 topics around the world, gave the picture that sustainability is one of the important topics.

Industry 4.0 in many companies stands for the transformation process where the companies are changing as per the world of work and society. But how managers are changing and reacting to this process?

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In the era of Industry 4.0 with constant change and disruptions, holistic strategies effectively need for companies to avail of the benefits of Industry 4.0 technologies to create a long-term growth opportunity. The study stated that around 18% of the companies grew more by 2019.

It also stated that a comprehensive Industry 4.0 strategy is being pursued by the majority of the companies and nine percent in Germany. At the moment only ad hoc approaches are mostly implemented which counts to 47 percent and 21 percent of the global companies are with no defined industry 4.0 strategy.

Notably, 41% of the German companies are lagging with no Industry 4.0 strategy which is twice the number for any international company.

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