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What are the major examples of IIoT solutions to improve waste reduction in smart manufacturing?

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If we talk about any industry, one of the primary concerns is handling waste in any form. It is important to handle toxic waste in a diligent way so that it doesn’t add up to unnecessary environmental pollution.

However, inefficiency has been observed in order to handle and get rid of waste permanently and effectively. By using IIoT technologies to boost productivity in smart manufacturing, firms can minimise waste. The top examples of IIoT solutions to improve waste reduction in smart manufacturing are:

  1. Smart Asset Tracking uses IIoT sensors to support manufacturers in tracking the movement of materials and products through the manufacturing process. It also helps in identifying inefficiencies and reducing waste.
  2. Monitoring environmental conditions via IIoT sensors such as air quality, temperature, and humidity to ensure optimal environmental conditions The waste is also minimised by damaged or spoiled products.
  3. An IIoT sensor may check the health of a piece of equipment before a breakdown really happens. The predictive maintenance method also supports proper identification of the areas to be repaired and minimises the waste of repairing any emergency.
  4. Real-time data analysis by IIoT sensors on resources such as electricity, water, and raw materials. The data is also used to identify opportunities for resource optimisation or even reducing waste and minimising the carbon footprint.
  5. IIoT sensors in smart factories may monitor gas waste in order to spot inefficiencies and cut waste in order to save money and boost sustainability.

As it can be seen, IIoT solutions are not just limited to one side of technology use but have the versatility to address waste problems and equip the manufacturing unit to handle the problem in a smart way.

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