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What 10 statements about Industry 4.0 are buzzing around?

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The top 10 statements about Industry 4.0 :-

  1. As stated by Bronder A (2016) Die Revolution der Dinge, all sectors can be penetrated by “Internet of Things” and “Industry 4.0” even outside industry, such as banks, the authors or also with power.
  2. The Industrie Management journal was renamed as Industrie 4.0- Management.
  3. Germany’s most important industry 4.0 magazine” has been renamed from the trade journal IT & Production.
  4. Industrie 4.0: The oil of the 21st century (lecture topic in a lecture series of the VDMA).
  5. As per Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung, Industry 4.0 has been included by the German government as one of the ten future projects in the high-tech strategy action plan as stated by Hartmut Rauen, member of the Executive Board of the VDMA.
  6. As stated by Dieter Kempf, former Bitkom president, Industry 4.0 was known as the century opportunity.
  7. As per a statement in Industrie 4.0 in Produktion, Automatisierung und Logistik, “The question of whether the Fourth Industrial Revolution will come is now a rhetorical”.
  8. As per Strategy&, PwC, “Industry 4.0 transforms the entire company and is on the CEO agenda”.
  9. As per Fitcompany (2016), digitisation 4.0 with more focus states advertisement for “New Personnel Management” of the European Media Partners.
  10. Megatrivers: Industry 4.0 or company capitalization?”

Source:- Fitcompany

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