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What are the 6 different views about Industry 4.0?

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No doubt in the industrial zone and across the world in the digitalized era, everybody is catching up with the breath to match steps in the Industry 4.0 circles.

Most of the developed countries came out with a promising future and also the interest has been equal shown by the developing country. So how far are we in the journey and what views have been gathered across the Industry 4.0 spectrum by different experts from the industries: – 

  1. The terms I 4.0, automation and robotics in many publications has been described as a pair of terms such as “digitalization and automation”. It has also been observed that Automation 4.0 is adding dynamics in the Industry 4.0 area where the Federal Government generalised the distinction between I4.0 and the Internet of Things.
  2. Specialities in the field of research especially in “Digital Economy and society” are “sensitivity” of robots or the “Non-verbal attention control” or “soft robotic research approaches”.
  3. In the seminar announcement of Management Forum Starnberg defines Industry 4.0 as “a means in the advent of the Internet of Things, of sensors, the cloud, of intelligent control systems and other technologies into production engineering”.
  4. Digitization and Industry 4.0 are equated where it is coming with force.
  5. Sven Astheimer, FAZ journalist writes “mechanical engineering or automotive industry, the topic of digitalization was brought up early on in the Industry 4.0 have set an agenda.”
  6. Heiko Maas, the Federal Minister states that: “The fundamentally new thing about this fourth industrial revolution is that previously valid boundaries between private and public, between my and yours, even between man and machine are blurred.”

In my opinion, views can be positive or negative, and sometimes they are in different shades but automation in today’s world has been considered as a progressive tool to meet the demand of the customer with the proper channel of supplies. Automation and robotics are interconnected, thereby the approach can be more convenient and work with a force to generalize the mass more productively. 

Source:- Digitalisierung und Industrie 4.0- eine Relativierung by Peter Mertens, Dina Barbian and Stephan Baier.

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