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Which wireless technology is important?

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Well, as we go through the series of technology and the world of innovation, it’s very difficult to find or say one technology that can be offered with all the features and strengths and it is provided in one of the wireless technologies.

WLAN, one of the standardized wireless technologies, commonly known as WiFi, Classic Bluetooth, and Bluetooth Low Energy are some proprietary technology that is catering to a lot of different requirements. The features are mostly of high data throughput, robustness, or low power.

Mostly for production planning, data acquisition, and applications where rapid roaming is required, WLAN is the most prominent user. Applications for Human Machine Interfaces (HMI), programming, service/maintenance, and real-time control tasks were considered to be used by Bluetooth.

For interconnection purposes Sensors, actuators, and other small devices are needed. Bluetooth low energy technology has been used increasingly.

To summarize the whole concept, WLAN is mostly chosen if high data throughput is important and choose Bluetooth if robustness/stability is mostly required in the connection.


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