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How Accenture is contributing to Sustainability?

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The contribution in terms of funding the movement of the startups launching new innovative ideas in the market. So, Accenture launched the Accenture Sustainability Value Accelerator program with IIM Ahmedabad’s CIIE.CO.

CIIE (Capital Incubation Insights Everything) is a startup incubator by IIM Ahmedabad for startup funding, investment, or capital support in the initial stages of the risky adventure.

The initiative selected 10 startups for seed funding and business progression to expand the broader foals in sustainable value chains, net-zero transitions, sustainable technologies, and sustainability measurements and analytics.

Around 80 unique and diverse startups are selected for the cohort. Out of the 10 startups are selected.

  1. AmplePac: It’s an AI & Blockchain platform startup for the package, return and reuse of items in the FMCG supply chain.
  2. Bizlog Value Chain: A reverse logistics solution provider for a sustainable supply chain to help goods travel efficiently. Also supports the reuse and recycling of the goods.
  3. BlobCity: A platform for AutoML tools for shared GPU usage by data scientists to reduce carbon footprint.
  4. Chara Technologies: A platform for rare-earth-free electric motors for fast-tracking the adoption of an “electron” economy.
  5. CogniTensor: An integrated MLOps environment for faster development in AI/ML applications in the energy, sustainability, and retail/manufacturing sectors.
  6. LivNSense Technilogies Pvt. Ltd.: A platform converting the continuous and discrete process industries into Cognitive Living Equipment to reduce the energy consumption & carbon footprint.
  7. Oizom: The various pollution parameters are measured with IoT-enabled environmental data solutions for controlling and providing actionable insights to promote environmental sustainability.
  8. Taqanal Energy: A cloud-based solution to enhance the battery life and real-time reduction of the degradation through data collection and analytics.
  9. The Disposal Company: A tech-enabled plastic credit platform to mitigate the plastic consumption in corporations for environmental responsibility.
  10. Updapt an ESG Tech Co.: A B2B SaaS platform to build a software module for tracking, monitoring, and reporting ESG compliance.

Well, Accenture is expanding its knowledge with various startups. The selection can be seen from different areas of expertise and catering services in several unique ways. The themes are in synch with the latest tech trends going across the technical industry involving IoT, blockchain, or batteries.

Let’s see, if the startups can add some new ways of bringing those technologies into the market and identify themselves separately from what is present in the market.

So, which one picked up your interest?

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