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How agriculture tech is bringing sustainability?

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The gift of agricultural technology in sustainability is the Hydroponic system. The advancement of the technology in the farming sustainability with less water and onsite feed production.

The agricultural tech system is the sustainable solution for livestock feeding. The technology helps to grow the animal feed within a week or even less than I should say.

The Livestock is included with the nutritious root mat, which can also be eaten up by the poultry animals. The whole process reduces the waste and maximum usage of material as a nutritious supplement for the animals.

The benefits include tremendous weight gain in cattle & sheep with high protein, enzymes, vitamins, and minerals. It is environmentally friendly with huge health benefits for horses.

The food is digestible by more than 90%.

The temperature is under control as well as watering the plants is. It can be used for dairy cattle, sheep, horses, pigs, and most poultry species. The production cost of the sprouted fodder is around $1.3/kg.

It is well known, that the agriculture sector is something that doesn’t attract people on a large scale as it does in other sectors. The work includes a good amount of manual labor as well as maintaining a poultry farm of so many animals.

The cleaning, hygiene work, and maintaining the food stock are equally important in the agricultural industry. Moreover, maintaining the routine and following the everyday schedule.  

The technology helps to keep the production cost under control. The development and use of technology in the agricultural industry are slow and less but rapid development and the availability of the funding for the use of new technology is reshaping the agriculture market.

Source:- Fodder Group Inc

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