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Are batteries recyclable in Germany?

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The market of batteries is not just limited to your cell phone or iPad but stretched and extended in the automobile industry. The days are gone where batteries were just a thing available in your pockets to run your portable music player.

It has become a major industry and mass production to drive electric cars or vehicles on the road with efficiency. It has become a major competitor to the oil industry and a futuristic market to create huge revenue.

More investments have been pulled up to expand the battery cell market and provide more efficiency and boost to provide that extra mileage.

The collection rate of such recyclable batteries in 2015 was 46%, 2016 was 46%,2017 was 47%, 2018 was 46% and in 2019 it was recorded as 76%.

Mass of recycled batteries by type in Germany

Source:- Statista.

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