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What sustainable behaviors are noticed in Brazil?

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Brazil in 2020, has been ranked by the World Economic Forum’s Energy Transition Index at 45th out of 115 countries. The country has shown remarkable performances in universal energy access to clean cooking fuels. A high degree of energy security and relatively low carbon intensity of energy mix.

Brazil is known to be the user of more than 46% of the energy mix powered by renewable energy sources and is the third-largest renewable electricity generation country.

The country is heavily invested in smart and efficient cities. The cities are by distributed generation, digital energy network, electric mobility, public lighting, traffic control system, and security and vegetation management.

How about the Brazilian consumers and their knowledge about the sustainability approaches across the country?

In 2018, a survey by Akatu shows more than 60% of Brazilian consumers are aware of sustainability.

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The most common behaviors registered by the Brazilian are:-

Avoiding the lights on, closing the water taps, and turning the electronics off when not used. The importance of water-saving and energy savings is high among Brazilians.

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