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What is the CO2 emission problem?

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The buzz bout the CO2 emission problem is huge. It is rising high with daily challenges and obstacles. So, what exactly is Carbon dioxide? Is it a pollutant harmful to humans or our environment?


CO2 is a part of the natural component in our atmosphere. It is being given out in the environment either via exhalation from humans and animals or burning of carbon-based fuel. The automobile fuels such as gasoline and diesel. Other special fuels such as coal with very high carbon content.

In the 1970s, pollutant emissions are reduced by vehicle manufacturers in tiny fractions with the help of fuel combustion or after-treatment devices like catalytic converters. However, the problem with CO2 emission can be eliminated with alternative fuels or other renewable energy resources.

Renewable fuels help in reducing CO2 generation by absorption of atmospheric CO2. Treatment like a catalytic converter cannot be attached to the vehicle to filter out CO2.

Climate change is associated with CO2. The problem with CO2 rising levels is becoming a contributing factor to the greenhouse effect, hence global temperature is raised affecting the climate. Along with CO2, other greenhouse gases are equally contributing to the situation, but, CO2 became one of the hazardous factors in the contribution. 

It has been noted that less than 5% of man-made CO2 emissions, from natural resources, even in smaller amounts can alter the Earth’s natural balance. Hence, the mission to reduce CO2 emissions from all sources including automobile fuels took birth and became a major cause of the eco-friendly movement.

CO2 emissions from automobiles

One of the global problems is the rise of CO2 emissions from automobiles. Around 16% of the global man-made CO2 emissions are from motor vehicles and 13% from total greenhouse gas.

One of the crucial causes identified is the rise of the use of automobiles for day-to-day purposes. It has become a major contributor. In emerging countries, the demand for mobility is rising, and the number of vehicles used in the world is also rising.

The increase in the CO2 emissions from traffic across the world is also contributing to an average increase from other sectors.

CO2 emission

The survey result shows the amount of CO2 emitted from automobiles. As per Stern Review, the UK government’s 2006 study on “the economics of Climate change” identifies that the least cost-effective way to reduce CO2 emission is by addressing vehicle technology measures.

In my opinion, the rise of the population will lead to the problem with the use of automobiles or transport on the road. The population rise will increase the CO2 emission significantly. The best way is to switch to alternative fuels or try to go for sharing-based automobiles. The shared cars will help in eradicating the CO2 emissions from automobiles.

Source:- OICA (International Organization of Motor Vehicle Manufacturers)

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