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Do you think we can achieve gender equality by 2030?

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One of the most prominent goals of sustainable development from the UN is to achieve gender equality among females related to legal, social, economic, and total independent empowerment in the digital and technological environment.

Unfortunately, the pandemic, Covid-19 not just brought horror and a sense of threat to our life but also exposed us to the violence, indiscrimination, unhealthy attitudes, or approach being carried upon by the unsuitable group of people. The need to address such an issue globally has exposed the vulnerability and the incident faced by a particular gender.

Most of the time, the work has been divided into two-part or two groups as per the gender bias but the attitude shows how and why such authority a man can have over another female?

Even though a woman only gives birth to a man and also another woman, then how one gender can become or be targeted as a victim and the other strong. Is the reason lies in gratification on harassing and humiliating another gender?

Do we learn from someone that we need to put that woman or female under pressure? Or is it that we are born to bear the pain without making any noise?

Why do we need a particular goal only for one gender to come on top clearly indicating the weakness and why does a woman need to prove their strength by being strong to such a discrimination attitude or such a bias look?

The appearance can defy the traditional role played by man and woman. As I recall from my history books, World War 1 and 2, the picture of Hitler became a glorifying icon for the devil and the supporters of such a devilish activity included women.

Yes, the women also enjoyed being the face behind eradicating other women from a different culture, considered it to be the strength and power with a smiley face that they can also do it in their territory, whatever they want.

The gratification can be seen in such a face. What actually caused another woman to behave in such a manner with a woman from a different culture when we talk about gender equality as a universal topic?

Do you think after going through such an atrocious attitude by another woman, she will be able to help that person in return and forgive her, as with time everything heals?

Isn’t the situation that needs to be focused more to be sustainable other than just a particular gender. When a woman gets support from other men to hold a strong position, the situation completely changes even for the woman to handle it alone.

One of the important sustainable development goals, gender equality, shows the current goal and what future is expected for each of us. The goal indicates how far we have to go and how we can achieve them step by step.

Who is the victim or which gender needs to be trained or is it the situation? Who holds the power, the gender who gives birth or the gender tries to rule the earth for a limited span of time without any choice?

Source:- SDG

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