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How to measure sustainability in e-car batteries?

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Battery cell production has become a serious competitive platform in various countries. It led to a serious concern related to the battery being sustainable and recyclable also.

The division of the European battery cell production development unit is focusing on creating a market condition not just on price. They are focused on sustainable designing of the battery value chain, with recycling to give a rising competitive edge to Europe.

Hence to achieve such a target, the Scientific monitoring team of the Battery Cell Production developed a sustainable toolbox with indicators to measure sustainability. The indicators with compiled sustainability metrics are said to form a solid foundation for policymakers and industries to shape the manufacturing unit of the battery cell value chain.

How serious is Europe with the Sustainable e-car batteries and not just any conventional batteries?

As per Aiko Bünting from TÜV Rheinland Consulting,

“Sustainably produced batteries play a very important role for environmentally friendly transport and the achievement of climate neutrality targets. Therefore, we have taken a close look at the factors that can help to make the entire value-added process of battery cell production in Europe sustainable.”

Another good news for the European sustainable unit division is the development of a battery ecosystem in Europe to set the starting criteria for the sustainability metrics in the entire value chain for production and products.

It is no doubt, a market is not just about e-cars but also a good sustainable and recyclable battery for the market to sustain its UN SDGs in the future.

Even Europe has come under one umbrella due to its common interest in sustainable battery cell production known as “ Important Project of Common European Interest” to support the funding and implementation of such project with cooperation from  TÜV Rheinland Consulting and the Technical University of Berlin for scientific monitoring of the funding measure.

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