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Which country is scoring high in the renewable and hydroelectricity sector?

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Even though there is a downfall of consumption of energy sources that are impacted by the slowdown of economic activity in 2019. The consumption of renewable energy is growing strongly including biofuels and other traded renewable electricity engaging into contributing 3.2EJ of energy. In 2018, 40% of the global growth was accounted for primary energy resources whereas renewable energy share increased from 4.5% to 5% from 2018.

The largest contribution to growth has been by wind generation, solar and other biomass, and geothermal source of energy. Interestingly, the consumption of biofuels also increased. The consumption of Hydroelectric rose by 0.8%. The major contribution to renewable has been seen by China, solar and wind have been considered to be the major renewable energy source provider for the growth of China. The next two positions are held by the US and Japan.

The scenario with China has been observed similarly in the case of consumption for hydroelectric with 0.6EJ, followed by Turkey and India holding the next two positions. The biggest decline in the consumption of hydroelectricity can be seen in The US and Vietnam.

In my opinion, the situation indicates a strong motivation and futuristic vision of China to be scoring a high-profile leading position in the renewable energy sector.

As compared to the rest of the developed nations, China is investing a lot in modern technologies. Let it be electric vehicles or other sustainable resources to combat the CO2 emission problem or handle the ecological footprint, clearly a picture of being in trend with the world’s mission and not to be behind in any scientific matters.

Source:- BP statistical review of world energy 2020

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