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How EU solved water desalination problem for Massai?

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Maasai is one of the villages from Ndedo in Tanzania, a pilot plant was carried out by the EU group for the development and innovation project related to desalination of the water to solve the issue of the drinking water problem. Every day, the inhabitants were consuming from a salty well, the plant was a collaboration by the German solar company Phaesun and nine other European project partners where desalination plants were developed based on electrodialysis technology.

One of the important factors considered in the project is the maintenance cost for the technology. In the preliminary stage, the water is completely freed from dirty particles, bacteria, and viruses, and in the post-processing stage, the water is treated with self-generated chlorine for germ-free storage in a water tank. The electrodialysis process is used for low maintenance and energy efficiency with a built-in solar power supply to run itself- sufficiently.

Modern technology also proved to be sustainable as it was having an advantage in running the installation on no diesel and no waste products were produced to operate the systems. The solutions work properly with enough rain and basins to store an adequate water supply, to provide adequate water supply until the dry season.

The project carried out by the group is known as the Revived Water project. Various other plants have been opened under such projects where water has been supplied to schools, temples and private households to supply adequate drinking water. In my opinion, once a strong foundation has been formed, more and more projects related to drinking water can be solved.

As it shows that how important it is to have a healthy life and water is one of the important factors to nourish and enrich our lives in a meaningful way. Such ideas also show that water issues are not for a particular zone or region but a major concern across the world, with a scientifically proved solution with a strong base formed with innovative plans and ideas which can be utilized beneficially, also provides a strong layout for the long term.

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