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How Vestas is performing in wind sector?

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Vestas, a well renowned Danish manufacturer is introducing two different models as V150-5.6 MW this year and V162-5.6 MW from 2021 in the wind sector. The Danish manufacturer will introduce the class five MW plus.

The models introduced in the industry will have diameters of rotors in different sizes with their names. As described by the Danish manufacturer, the rated output and the assignment to wind class IECS will be the same with an intention for electricity generation at both low and medium wind speeds. One of the additional features is the capability for electricity generation in strong wind conditions.

The control technology used in the company; Vestas is one of the most modernized forms. Events, as named by Vestas is the company’s first new turbine construction platform since 2011. The gearbox of the drive train is with a two-stage medium speed.

Another important aspect that has been taken care of is handling out the increasing loads in the larger plants where the gear manufacturers are distributing the increased loads in the gear unite evenly in larger and larger systems to save weight and costs.

A key question with every rotor blade is the maintenance cost and with innovation and ideas, the maintenance also needs to be carefully handled. With blades being split in two at right angles to the length and mounted on-site with the interface as Vestas presents the tower with braced steel cylinder tower cable as an innovation. The concept also reduced the cost significantly, resulting in a cost-saving and sustainable platform with a strong foundation.

Source:- Windkraft

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