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Is Sustainability the new security?

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With the rising demand in achieving all the 17 SDGs, environmental and sustainable protection is the top game and is also considered to be a major factor in the future. Isn’t it that all the new trends related to the automotive industry in sustainability are aiming for environmentally friendly conditions to secure the future?

Top technology trends, and especially digitalization is aiming to collaborate and move in parallel to have a sustainable future where the processes and activities can be digitalized to integrate sustainable thinking. But it is a challenge to sustained digitalization and sustainability together.

At first, it is needed to identify such major problems and what are the services causing, and at what percentage. At around three percent of global CO2 emissions, streaming services, networks, artificial intelligence, and data center is the problem creator.

We can get rid of the services as they are a part of the future and any tech-savvy person would like to enjoy the fruits of such development and also be a visitor or an observer that what wonders can be done in the technology field and what ideas can be generated to have a better future with the modernized world?

The reduction of CO2 consumption is also needed to be done on the product level, the materials need to check what production is happening and will it lead with a strategic and internal process. The process is not that easy and it needs to be done diligently with guiding principles, plans, and information needed for governments to implement in a sound manner.

But are the customers willingly ready to pay more for sustainable goods for long-term benefits? The future is unknown, but we cannot stop working to develop a new solution but how far are they cost-effective. Will cost play a role in deciding the future related to sustainability or will it become a major factor in dividing the world into two parts?

Countries that can afford sustainable products and the countries that are yet to develop. Is it possible that it can create a new class of people among the developed nations accessing sustainable products?

As we all got to experience the effect of COVID-19 and experienced the vulnerability of our situations and how within a second things can get crumbled at any moment.

Will the solutions be able to conserve the planet, if a group of people is not able to afford it? Can we use mandatory laws for companies and in return the products are costlier, leaving the customer with no choice but to pay the price? E- vehicles, autonomous cars, digitalization, AI and machine learning is all our future but incorporating sustainability completely is also a challenge and cannot be denied.

Source:- Sustainability as a business strategy

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