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Who are the largest onshore wind turbines manufacturers in 2019?

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As per a survey by Statistisches Bundesamt, the market value of wind energy in Germany in 2017 was around 18 million Euros. Whereas in 2018 was 12,67 million Euros.

Surely the market saw a drop in just one year. The market of onshore wind energy over the year is not a steady flow of million-dollar income market. But with up and down. The market saw a rise in its revenue in million euros from 2010 to 2013.

Whereas the market value dropped in 2014. And saw an increase in 2015. The investment in the onshore wind energy market in Germany is something that needs to be done with a good amount of risk. As the investor has experienced a profit but also losses. The venture is not profitable every year.

The market share of the onshore wind power manufacturers across the world in 2019 are: –

Company's market share of the onshore wind energy (2019)
Market share of countries for onshore wind energy (2019).

In my opinion, the distribution of the market share among the western countries can be seen on an equal level. As compare to the Asian market.

In Asia, only China is holding the majority of the market share value for onshore wind energy technologies. China is no doubt aggressively capturing any new front technologies.

Be it sustainable technologies or any product-oriented market. With the new electric vehicle, Tesla inaugurated its first venture in China to make its first presence in the Asia market.

It shows the aggressive market capturing capabilities by each of the market players in Asian countries.

Source:- Bloomberg New Energy Finance, Statista (Onshore-Windenergie in Deutschland).

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