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What are the opinions of genders buying sustainable funds in Sweden?

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In Sweden, awareness regarding sustainable funds is on the rise. It is strongly considered to be important to invest to a large extent. Around 95% of the Swedish people consider its extension to be quite large whereas 4% consider it to be quite small. The purchase of sustainable funds in Sweden also shows the importance among the different gender groups.

As per a survey conducted by Kantar Sifo,15% of the men think that an investment in the sustainable fund will yield higher returns as compared to 7% of Swedish women.

43% of the men think it created a positive impact on the environment, work conditions, human rights as compared to 35% of the women and 40% of the men consider not placing the money in a certain type of corporation that is unethical as compared to the 55% of the women.

In my opinion, the survey provides a scenario of the mindset of Swedish males and females while purchasing sustainable funds.

The females are more attracted to invest in corporations or institution which are not adulterated in any way, so they consider where the money has been invested. They are more concerned about the reputation of the corporation as compared to think only about higher returns on a long-term basis.

As the funds are sustainable so society does think about the investment is spent in a meaningful way to create a positive impact on the environment or working conditions of humans. It shows how sustainable funds can be used to invest in projects related to humanitarian grounds.

Source:- Statista

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